CNC Engraving Machine

CNC Engraving Machine

Performance characteristics:

Rack series engraving machine is a high-speed machine that major aim at making big sign and big letters cutting in advertising industry

★Billbaord industry:big words cutting,sign making,LED/Neon groove type,holed literally cutting,AS model making.
★Saitouddo:screen partition、wood door carving、relief plane、panel furniture redwood furniture、solid wood door、decorative material.
★Software control spindel to drive,high automtic.
★High-speed,high efficiency,empty process speed can be higer than 8m/min。
★Spindle power is big,good rigidity.
★Two motor drives,unique double teeth axle driving,big strength,stable transmission,keeping long time moving without changing shape and shaking.


Description Parameter
X.Y working area 1300*2500mm
Z working area >100mm
Table size 1440*3000mm
Max speed 8m/min
Max working speed 6m/min
Resolution 0.01mm
Repeatability 0.05mm
Feeding height 110mm
Command G code *.u00*.mmg*.plt
Surroundings for software Windows98/2000/xp
Power(not include the spindle) 1.5kw
work voltage AC220V/50Hz
Spindle power 3kw
Spindle speed 0-24000rpm/min
Word mode steper